Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Sojourner Truth" from Edcon Publishing.

Today, we are reading the story from the Edcon Reading Comprehension Workbook, "The Law is For Everybody". It is a story about a freed slave, living in New York, whose son is stolen and sold into slavery in the South. It is the story of Sojourner Truth. Here is her biography:

Sojourner Truth's Biography

Read Sojourner's famous speech, "Ain"t I a Woman?"

Here is a video from You Tube of actress Kerry Washington reading "Ain't I a Woman?"

Here is The Story of Sojourner Truth

This story is an article from a series of Reading Comprehension Workbooks by Edcon Publishing Group. Edcon Publishing has a very large selection of different types of readings and other
materials for learning. I highly recommend this company. - The Teacher

See how far we have come since the days of slavery. This is a link to Barack Obama's Presential acceptance speech
acceptance speech:

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